Interpreting EU Law – finding the right information

Interpreting EU Law – finding the right information

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Every day you deal with Customs, but do you know where to look for the legal answers to unusual questions? What exactly are the rules of classification and where are they? What are you legally liable for if you lodge a declaration?  What are the powers of National Customs? If you are eager to learn the answers, ask questions and/or share your experience, join the webinar on 12.10.2022 at 14:00-15:00 CEST.

The webinar will discuss, with examples, some key questions arising from EU law, and will demonstrate how to research legal provisions to find accurate interpretations. Many economic operators are fearful of conducting their own legal research, but it is the best way to fully understand the structure of Customs law and regulation.


  • The key legal instruments in the EU;
  • Example – classifying goods – competing definitions;
  • Example – “Declarant” versus “Importer”- what are the consequences?
  • Following the trail – looking for indirect sources.

Anthony Buckley is Chair of the Customs Knowledge Institute. Anthony contributed to the “Customs Legislation” module of the CKI ‘Customs Clearance and Trade Compliance in the EU’ training.

When, where
12.10.2022, 14:00-15:00 CEST, online

Participation fee
70 Eur (50% discount till Oct 10): 35 Eur (VAT excluded).

After the payment, we will send you the link to the webinar per e-mail.

After the training, you will be provided with a digital certificate.

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