The State of Play of the EU Customs Reform


The State of Play of the EU Customs Reform

A free webinar to explain the European Commission’s proposal and to provide information on the discussions in the European Council will take place on 24 May at 14:00 CEST.

The discussion on EU Customs reform covers several critical aspects, including harmonising knowledge, implementing a data hub system, advocating for a standardised EU model. Understanding the background of customs union law, addressing temporary storage reduction, and providing clarification on indirect representation are also crucial. Supporting women in trade, considering SME perspectives, and navigating post-Brexit challenges are additional considerations. Concerns about global protectionism trends, streamlining IT systems, and exploring specific trade agreements further enrich the discourse. Discussions on data quality in the context of tools like the EU Customs Data Hub underscore the importance of knowledge and training, alongside technological solutions, in ensuring quality decisions. We will go through the proposal of the European Commission and inform about the discussion in the European Council.

Two CKI/CKC directors will contribute to the event.


    • Vanesa Hernandez Guerrero, Acting Head of Unit TAXUD A.2
    • Godfried Smit, ESC Secretary General, expert on indirect taxation and supranational law
    • Marc Brocardi, President of ODASCE
    • Kevin Shakespeare, Director of Strategic Projects and International Development at the Institute of Export and International Trade, Chair of the CKC
    • Enrika Naujokė, CEO of CustomsClear, the European customs and trade knowledge platform. Director of the Lithuanian Customs Practitioners Association, Director of the CKI