A recap of 2023 and plans for the future

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A recap of 2023 and plans for the future

The year 2023 is now in the books and it is time for a review of our achievements and a sharing of our successes. We have done a lot in the past year.

The Customs Knowledge Community held 18 free webinars for its members. 70% of these were free to all. 12 experts shared their knowledge with you. This year we plan to expand this activity. The first 2024 webinar, dedicated to the monthly overview of EU law news, will be held on 18 January.

In August, we launched a series of monthly podcasts. We already have 5 episodes with 9 experts available to listen to on the website. We plan to continue sharing knowledge in this format, covering the most relevant trade and customs compliance issues.

4 of our members also presented a workshop at the European Customs Practitioners’ Conference held in Vilnius in May and online.

We would like to thank our partner CustomsClear for their support in organising our events. We would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to CKC’s activities.

We look forward to working together again this year and expanding our network for new opportunities.

The Customs Knowledge Community wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2024 bring new opportunities and success.

Join our team to expand your customs compliance knowledge and participate in our events!