EU Export Control & Sanctions: Updates – free webinar


EU Export Control & Sanctions: Updates – free webinar

Date: 31 August 2023
Time: 15:00 – 16:00 CEST

The 11th EU sanctions package against Russia and Belarus, followed by the introduction of stricter national controls (and in some cases “national sanctions packages”), poses new challenges for businesses.

It’s time to update your EU Export Control & Sanctions knowledge with our free webinar!

UPDATE: The webinar recording is available on the CustomsClear platform.

Webinar agenda:
  • Get the compliance right, by Annette Reiser

With the 11th EU sanctions package from 24th of June 2023 the EU tightened the restrictions of imports of iron and steel goods by requiring importers of sanctioned iron and steel goods that have been processed in a third country to prove that the inputs used do not come from Russia. We will give an overview on the 11th EU sanctions package with the main focus on this topic.

  • CN, HS-Code and TARIC – what these abbreviations mean for the Classification of Goods, by Armin Belle

Typically, when new products are introduced, one of the regular customs-related questions that arises is what tariff number the new product falls under. Since this classification has a direct impact on duties payable and many other things, including export control, the classification of goods is critical to a smooth export and delivery process.

  • Learn the national rules and regulations, by Enrika Naujoke

Lithuania has introduced a national list of sanctioned goods and tightened controls at the borders. In some cases, a declaration from the manufacturer and an import declaration from the importing country are required. There are many other new requirements that will be discussed during the webinar.


The speakers are members of the Customs Knowledge Community (CKC).

Annette Reiser
Annette Reiser

Annette is a freelance trade compliance lawyer. She currently also works part-time in the defence industry; and has over 20 years’ experience in trade compliance and indirect tax. Annette has a degree in German law and has worked in a variety of sectors including automotive, machinery, pharmaceuticals, textiles. She became self-employed on a part-time basis after working for several large companies as a senior executive. Annette is speaker and author on compliance and risk management in global trade. She is based in Switzerland.

Armin Belle
Armin Belle

Armin is Independent Management and Technology Consultant, Founder & CEO of A H B Consultancy, Germany. Armin is holder of a German Engineering Degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Electronics, has 35+ years of business and leadership experience in General Management, Sales & Marketing, and Research & Development from small to medium-sized family businesses to large multinational corporations. Besides running his own consultancy firm in the fields of Business Consulting, Compliance, and Technology & Innovation, he has active memberships, among others, in the following German Engineering Associations: VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) Rhein-Main e.V., VDI (Association of German Engineers) Mittelhessen e.V.

Enrika Naujoke
Enrika Naujoke

Enrika Naujoke is CEO of CustomsClear, the European customs and trade knowledge platform. She is editor of the Customs Compliance & Risk Management journal for Practitioners in Europe. Enrika has many years of experience in the customs field in customs brokerage, manufacturing, logistics companies. She is also the director of the Lithuanian Customs Practitioners Association.


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