The future of customs brokers: Is it under a real threat? Podcast, the Episode 2

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The future of customs brokers: Is it under a real threat? Podcast, the Episode 2

The second episode of our monthly podcast on the most relevant and exciting customs topics is already available to listen to on our website.

The participants continue to discuss the future of customs brokers. In Episode 2 they focus on the question: Is the customs broker really under threat?


Anthony Buckley, Chair of CKI, Ireland

Kevin Shakespeare, Director of Strategic Projects and International Development at the Institute of Export & International Trade, the UK

Dr Momchil Antov, Chairman of the Board of the National Organization of Customs Agents, Bulgaria

Enrika Naujoke, Director of Lithuanian Customs Practitioners Association


Some of the provisions of the proposed new EU Customs Code discussed:

  • Article 27(1): An indirect customs representative acting in its own name but on behalf of an importer or an exporter shall be considered the importer or the exporter for the purposes of Articles 20 and 22, respectively.
  • Article 27(3): “A customs representative having the status of Trust and Check trader shall only be recognised as such when acting as indirect representative. When acting as a direct representative, the customs representative may be recognised as Trust and Check trader if the person in whose name and on whose behalf that representative is acting has been granted such status.”

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