Sustainability – ‘deep’ origin of goods – Podcast , Episode 6


Sustainability – ‘deep’ origin of goods – Podcast , Episode 6

Episode 6 of CKI monthly podcast is now available on our website. In this Episode we discuss sustainability from the perspective of the ‘deep’ origin requirements and comment on specific issues as outlined below.

  • The use of “obligation of result” in regulations, where supply chain operators are assumed to be aware of any failure to comply, effectively transfers the burden of proof from the “prosecution” to the “accused” – is this justified or justifiable?
  • We can see in many countries and many regulations (sanctions, environmental protections, etc.) that national interpretations, and the intensity of implementation, varies significantly. Is there any comfort for traders in this uncertain environment?
  • How do you see the present challenging environment developing? Will it get better, worse, or stabilise in a “new normal”?


Anthony Buckley, Chair of the Customs Knowledge Institute, Ireland

Brian Staples, President, Trade Facilitation Services, Canada

Dr Anna Jerzewska, Director, Trade & Borders, the UK.

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