Sustainability: on CBAM and forced labour law – Podcast , Episode 5

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Sustainability: on CBAM and forced labour law – Podcast , Episode 5

Episode 5 of CKI monthly podcast is now available on our website. In this episode we discuss sustainability and customs ‘on both sides of the Atlantic’.

Questions raised for the discussion:

  1. ‘Sustainability’ factors include environmental, social and employee matters, respect for human rights, anti‐corruption and anti‐bribery matters. Leaving aside the moral desirability of addressing these matters, is there a risk that the ‘sustainability’ label could be used to give respectability to trade discrimination?
  2. There is a suggestion that the ‘deep origin’ information required is unrealistic – examples of Uyghur production, deforestation – what are the likely consequences of enforcement?
  3. CBAM is now in its transitional phase. The stated intention is to equalise the carbon price paid on imported goods with that paid in the EU. However, the mechanisms (authorisation of importers, reporting/payment) are likely to restrict and reduce the quantity of imports – is this not so?

Our participants:

Ira Reese, Chief Technology Officer and Director for Global Security and Innovative Solutions specialising in Border and Venue Security, U.S.

Monika Bielskienė, Attorney-at-law, senior manager at PwC Lithuania, PhD candidate at VDU

The discussion is moderated by Anthony Buckley, Chairman of the CKI and former Head of Irish Customs.

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