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Mini course on customs

What is the Mini course on customs about?

It is a short, intensive course on customs focusing on the key principles of customs. In light of Brexit, it has been designed with EU and UK businesses in mind.

Who should take the Mini course?

The Mini course is designed to give an up to date appreciation of changes in EU-UK trade and the consequent additional requirements. It is a key ingredient for planning trading activities in 2022 and beyond, and it is also an excellent base for training those with little customs experience who intend to develop their professional competence.  It is of interest to the logistics industry, the online selling sector, supply chains that involve EU-UK exchanges, and also anyone with a general interest in understanding post-Brexit mechanisms.

How do I attend the Mini course?

The course is delivered in bite size parts, which are made up of sessions. Complete the course in your own time, at your own pace, anywhere! 

Where do I sign up?

Learn more and purchase the course here

Why CKI video courses?

Anywhere 24/7

Access CKI online courses from wherever you are 24/7.

Own pace

Complete online courses at your own pace.


Repeat with no limits as repetition is the mother of learning.


Watch engaging presentations created, reviewed, and delivered by leaders in the field of customs.

Live sessions

Attend live drop-in sessions to interact with the lecturers and your peers for certain courses.


Join our community to exchange knowledge and grow your network.

About us

Meet our team members

CKI Community

Would you like to be part of an international community of customs and trade experts? The Customs Knowledge Institute is building on its informal network of people who are passionate about customs. The CKI Community is a global forum for sharing ideas, information and plans that will influence the direction of the overall work of the CKI.

Benefits of joining
  • Get to know and make contact with experts in different roles, different aspects of customs & trade, and in different countries.
  • Receive and contribute to regular information on topics of interest to the members.
  • Help to design webinars, conferences and training courses organised by CKI, and obtain free or discounted access to all events/courses.
  • Access to member’s forum and events.
  • Option to apply for formal (voting) membership of CKI at the annual review of membership.
Who should join?

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in our work on customs and trade issues. At this stage, only individual membership is available. Those most likely to benefit from membership are customs brokers, consultants, academics and professionals in trading companies.

Are there any conditions?

Professional customs knowledge.

How do I join and what does it cost?

Membership is EUR 120 per person per calendar year (pro-rated). Simply provide us with some information about yourself and your interests.

How does it work?

You will have access to the CKI Community forum, where we will raise specific issues, asking for your views and suggestions – for example, the agenda for the next meeting, the composition of planned training courses, or possible topics for webinars. In turn you can raise queries, make suggestions, circulate information, or ask for help with particular problems. Every 6-8 weeks we will have an online meeting to discuss topics suggested by CKI or by members, where you can see and hear the other members and discuss issues on a “Chatham House Rule” basis.

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