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Customs clearance and
trade compliance in the EU

About the course

This extensive course consists of 75-hour of training and is grouped into 21 modules.

It provides newcomers and cross-functional employees with the customs knowledge needed to successfully manage compliance and mitigate risk in this complex area.

What you will learn
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of customs and the related trade processes;
  • Ensure you deal with customs-related matters compliantly, and with confidence;
  • Take advantage of the time and money-saving opportunities provided in legal acts.
Why we created the course
  • To help companies in various industries, such as trading, manufacturing, logistics, customs consulting, and of various sizes to train both new and current employees;
  • To provide knowledge for those who seek enhancement of their carrier in export-import of goods-related business, where the customs knowledge is indispensable in most departments of the company, for example, management team, logistics, finance, procurement, sales, and legal.

The training was developed by an international team of experienced trainers from Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Greece, and France.

Other benefits
  • Contact the course coordinator any time you have questions;
  • Join biweekly online drop-in sessions and meet the lecturers in person;
  • Learn to fill out a customs declaration using 🔗Custran software;
  • Enjoy free access to all the 🔗articles on CustomsClear;
  • Grow your knowledge by joining 🔗CKI Community.
How to purchase

Learn more and purchase the Customs clearance and trade compliance in the EU.

Or contact us via and we will be happy to provide you with other details and make an offer.

Why CKI video courses?

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Own pace

Complete online courses at your own pace.


Repeat with no limits as repetition is the mother of learning.


Watch engaging presentations created, reviewed, and delivered by leaders in the field of customs.

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Join our community to exchange knowledge and grow your network.

About us

Meet our members

CKI Community

An international community of customs and trade experts!

Building on its informal network of customs professionals, the Customs Knowledge Institute has established the CKI Community. The CKI Community is a global forum for sharing ideas, information and plans between people and organisations interested in customs and trade.

The Community is sponsored and supported by CKI, but manages and regulates its own affairs. Its primary purpose is to build links between its members, and it influences and supports the activities of CKI.

Benefits of joining
  • Get to know and make contact with experts in different roles, different aspects of customs & trade, and in different countries.
  • Receive and contribute regular information on topics of interest to the members.
  • Members’ online forum, meetings and webinars.
  • Help to design webinars, conferences and training courses organised by CKI.
Who should join?

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in customs and trade issues. Those most likely to benefit from membership are those wishing to develop their own knowledge and expertise, those seeking professional expertise, and those offering expert services.  It could include customs brokers, consultants, academics, professionals in trading companies, and companies involved in international trade or education.

How do I join and what does it cost?

Personal Membership is €120 annually (€10 per month).
Corporate Membership is €1,200 annually (€100 per month) with an unlimited number of participants per company.
Joining is easy – click JOIN US on the toolbar above, and provide us with some simple information.  We will invoice you, and on receipt of your payment, you will be enrolled as a member and issued a username.

How does it work?

You will have access to the CKI Community forum, where you can raise issues and contribute to discussions. CKI will raise specific issues, asking for your views and suggestions – for example, the agenda for the next meeting, the composition of planned training courses, or possible topics for webinars. In turn, you can raise queries, make suggestions, circulate information, or ask for help with particular problems. Every 6-8 weeks we will have an online meeting to discuss topics suggested by CKI or by members, where you can see and hear the other members and discuss issues on a “Chatham House Rule” basis.

Structure and Rules

Members should be able to contribute to the discussions on the Members’ Forum, and for that reason should have an active involvement in some aspect of customs and/or international trade. 

Formal Structure

The object of the CKI Community is to enable professionals, educators, organisations, companies engaged in international trade, and interested individuals to liaise with each other, share information and knowledge, and collaborate, for the general purpose of developing education in the law and practices affecting international trade, including customs, taxes, regulations governing the movement of goods, transport, terms of trade and international contracts.

The day-to-day activities of the Community will be managed by a Moderator, initially Anthony Buckley, Director of CKI, with such assistance as CKI may agree is required.  The Moderator shall decide whether to admit new members to the Community, and may remove Members in cases of egregious behaviour, subject to approval by the Management Council at the earliest opportunity.

The strategic direction of the Community, major Community activities and events, and all issues affecting the Community membership, excluding financial matters, shall be decided by a Management Council.  The Management Council shall initially consist of the Moderator and such other Directors of CKI as choose to join.  The Management Council shall decide on its own composition, admitting or removing members as it sees fit, with the following constraints:

  • The Moderator shall chair the Management Council.
  • Members of the Management Council must be paid-up members of the Community;
  • Directors of CKI are entitled to membership of the Management Council subject only to their also being paid-up members of the Community, and may not be removed by vote of the Management Council;
  • The number of members of the Management Council, excluding the Directors of CKI, should not exceed seven.

Members of the Management Council must be natural persons (i.e. not corporate bodies), but a person who is part of a corporate member of the Community is eligible to join the Management Council even if s/he is not an individual member of the Community.  A member of the Management Council may, with the approval of the Moderator, appoint a substitute to attend meetings on his/her behalf.

The financial affairs of the Community shall be managed by CKI.  The level of fees for membership, the collection of such fees, the disbursement of monies, and all decisions involving costs or revenue shall be matters for the Board of CKI.

The CKI Community is a standalone association of individuals and corporate bodies.

  • Members of CKI Community are not automatically members of Customs Knowledge International CLG trading as Customs Knowledge Institute and referred to as CKI, although members of CKI may also be members of CKI Community.
  • The Community facilitates interaction between members under the oversight of a Community Moderator.
  • Members will receive communications from the Community and may communicate with the Community.
  • Members will have free access to meetings, webinars and discussions hosted by the Community
  • Members will have preferential (discounted) access to CKI training.
  1. The membership fees will be €120 annually (€10 per month) for individuals, and €1,200 annually (€100 per month) for corporate membership. The Board of CKI may set new membership fees, or adjust them for part of a year.  The Management Council will be consulted on any proposed change in fees.  A member who resigns from the Community in the course of a year may have any resulting overpayment of fees refunded.  A member whose membership is terminated by the Moderator or Management Council will not be entitled to a refund.
  2. Members will have a facility to post queries, comments etc. that will be visible to all members.
  3. Corporate members will manage access within their own organisations. There is no limit on the number of individuals who may use a corporate membership.
  4. CKI will keep the Community informed of developments and relevant new information.
  5. The Community will be consulted by CKI on initiatives, training courses and other activities of CKI from time to time.
  6. Members of the Community may post offers of work, enquiries, requests for information, comments, links to articles and other content. Members may not use material posted on the Community outside of the Community without the permission of the author.
  7. Any person who operates in the Customs environment in any capacity is eligible for membership of the Community.
  8. The purpose of the Community is to connect customs professionals for their mutual information and benefit. The Moderator, with the approval of the Management Council reserves the right to deny membership or to terminate membership without stating a reason.  This would normally occur where CKI deem the applicant to be unsuitable, or where a member behaves in a disruptive or unsuitable manner. 
  9. Members are expected to contribute actively to the Community with ideas and deeds, to develop a growing and happy community of customs passionate people in the CKI Community. Expectations of Community members include –
  10. Participation and collaboration in various educational projects;
  11. Spreading information and knowledge about CKI; and
  12. Actively promoting CKI products, projects and initiatives.

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